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Problem Solving

Suited for: 

Primary 1 to Primary 6 level

(Ages 7 to 12)

  • Heuristics - using diagrams, models, systematic lists, patterns etc 

  • Topics will be tailored according to level 

  • Some examples are: Length, Mass, Time, Geometry, Fractions, Ratios, Percentages 

  • Each session will include hands-on activities to incite the senses of students to enhance learning retention 


Suited for:

Primary 1 to Primary 3 level 

(Ages 7 to 9) 

  • Encapsulating Math notions through hands-on cooking and baking activities 

  • Experience math in the different phases of cooking - meal planning, grocery shopping, adjusting recipes, measuring ingredients etc 

  • Students will never see cooking in the same way again


Suited for:

Primary 3 to Primary 6 level

(Ages 9 to 12) 

  • Training for the highly anticipated Math Competition - The Math Olympiad 

  • Focusing on ingenious problem-solving methods 

  • Lots of brain teasers covering topics like number theory, geometry, sequences etc 


Suited for:

Primary 1 to Primary 2 level

(Ages 7 to 8)

  • Who says the abacus was out of fashion? Enhance students' ability to do mental calculations quickly 

  • Teach the use of the Abacus and mental arithmetic 

  • Proven to improve students' attention span, memory, power of observation and reflexes 

  • Reduce reliance on calculators 

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